Sunday, 2 January 2011

Resolutions that survive...

... well at the very least until January 2nd.

Day with my daughter, a nice Sunday lunch, and her pretty much only really interested in playing on her Ipod. At some point soon I need to start planning for our summer holiday away. Each year I chastise myself for leaving it to the last minute, and missing out on the best options. This year, it will be different.

I was hoping that tonight I would have a friend round for some drinks and to watch a DVD, but they aren't able to make it, a bout of illness being to blame. It's a shame, as I've been eager to watch the film in question, but have been holding off until I watch it with company. Shame. Good things comes to he who waits.

Out of boredom and the reluctance to go to a proper hair dressers, I have decided that I am going to shave my hair off. I just have this desire to not just use clippers on my hair, but to wet shave my head. Going for the Charles Xavier look ?

I am waiting, and not all that patiently for when BT come and connect my landline and internet connection. January 19th is when it is booked. I am going to try and ask them if there are now any earlier appointments, but I am not holding out much hope. With this being a new-build property I think it takes longer to get these things sorted. I was disappointed not be able to get Virgin Media. They don't run their services to the site, so I have no choice but to rely on the old fashioned copper cabled BT network. After much number crunching I had decided to plump for BT's Broadband, Telephone and Vision package. I am not that bothered by the Vision element, but it will mean I have the ability to record TV again, and watch it when I want. Also by signing up to BT Vision, the broadband download limit gets upgraded. By paying for the line rental a year in advance, not only does that mean that I escape the increase in VAT on that part of my bill, but also that BT wipe the cost of the line installation. When I was looking into these things, no one else would wipe that cost, and provide a competitive priced service. I had originally been very interested by the package offered by O2, but they were unable to find my address on their database, and their recommendation was to 'call back in four weeks' time'.

Yeah, not really the sort of thing I wanted to hear. Although I have had to wait some considerable time to get the installation done by BT, at least there's a chance that when they upgrade to their fibre-optic network, then the service will be technically more on a level playing field with Virgin Media's.

Only time will tell.

I had a bit of a vacuum round today, as the flat had suffered the effects of Chloe's presence. I was surprised at how after a week there isn't a need to dust. Just a clean through of the kitchen, bathroom and en-suite and it'll be looking all pristine again.

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