Monday, 3 January 2011

A close shave

Out of boredom, or purely the fact that I'd never done it before, and wanted to see what it looked and felt like, I've shaved my head.

Look !! No hair
Another day where I have not left the flat. Lazy bugger that I am. I did, however make a nice stir fry with some ham and the left over sausages from Sunday's roast. Yum.

Actually, just thinking about that makes me feel hungry again.

Having gotten over the panic of dismantling my hair clippers just after barely starting, and struggling to get them back together again. Wondering just how I was going to put all those bits back in such a way that the clippers would again work, or if I couldn't, how I would go out and either buy a new set of clippers, or go to a hair dressers / barbers. Would they shake their heads, rub their chins and then inform me that I had encountered some cowboys ?

Thankfully, with such motivation, my manly engineering skills we sufficiently engaged to allow me to put the clippers back together, and I didn't have an suspicious bits left at the end either.

Getting used the shiny, smooth feel of my noggin. Keep finding odd bits that I've missed, so have to crack out the wet-shave razor and sort them out. Not sure what reaction I'll get at work tomorrow, but thankfully I am not in first thing in the morning, actually a reasonably late start.

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