Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fish Custard

Great day. Great. Day.

Up and collected Chloe, nice walk back to the flat from Hilsea, stopping off in the park. Gorgeous sunny, but chilly day. Sun shine. Remember that ? Seems like an age since we've seen any, but up we woke, and there it was. Bright. Shiny. Day.

I had my parents over for lunch today. This makes them the first guests I have cooked for in the new flat. Only appropriate really, considering their help.

Having managed to cook a roast dinner for 4, and survive - as have the guests, and tucking into one of the bottles of wine from the box I brought before  christmas.

All in all, not a bad a weekend. Back to the routine on Monday morning.... the day itself soon to be over.. and then to my next guest.....

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