Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Let there be light !!

So now, at last, there are four blue lights, where previously there were none.

I awoke this morning, and was motivated to leave my bed by the doorbell being rung, and knowing that it would in all probability be the postman, with the equipment for my BT Internet connection and Vision box.

 I was not mistaken.

After the initial excitement, and unpacking of things, getting over the feeling that it was just like Christmas, all over again. I managed to figure out that the broadband hadn't been activated yet, and the Vision Box won't work until there is a broadband connection present.

I had then remembered that we were having a dress smart day at work, so set about getting ready to look gorgeous for another day at the office. Okay, as gorgeous as I can get myself looking. Got to the bus stop, realising on the way that I had missed the direct bus (the 700) and needed to get the 23, the slow and round about route bus. It was only as I was standing at said bus stop, having walked there, that I decided to check my diary on my Blackberry, only to discover that actually I wasn't meant to start at 10:30, but 10:15. Ooops. Or words to that effect. Another expensive trip to work via taxi then got hastily arranged. There was no way I was prepared to be late.

After finally making it home, it was something of a shock to see that now the line has been activated properly the number has changed. Ho hum. Glad that I didn't let many people what it was.

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