Saturday, 8 January 2011

Cleaning is good for the soul

Saturday, day of rest. NOT. Well, not completely.

After spending a rather leisurely morning sat in the front room, listening to the wireless (radio), and reading 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' on my Kindle I went into Cosham to do some shopping.

My parents are coming to Sunday lunch tomorrow, which'll be the first time I have cooked for anyone other than Chloe in the flat. After I'd struggled back from Tesco with the shopping, which was quite a walk, even though I did get the bus some of the way, with a heavy bag of shopping.

After a spot of lunch and some more reading, I finally got  myself motivated to do the cleaning, but not until about 7pm. No matter how late you start it, cleaning always makes you feel good. There's something thoroughly therapeutic about things looking all clean, and clear of clutter and mess. Not that there is much clutter or mess. A soothing action all the same.

When I was on lunch break yesterday, at work, I called BT, to see if there was any was I could get the appointment for the installation of the telephone line, and Broad Band brought forward. They could not, and trying to change the date to one that I will be at home for, means that I'd have to put it back about a month. Does seem crazy. Still. Good things come to those who wait.

With this entry, I exceed the number of entries made in the month of January in 2010. Not really an achievement worth celebrating just yet. Progress though. For sure.

Perhaps it is this, that this year will be about, small, but measurable steps in the right direction ?

Liam is coming round to watch a dvd on Monday night. It will be his first visit to the new flat too. An evening of company, a DVD, perhaps some wine. Should be good.

Then on Wednesday, Helen has promised to come round 'early' - which for her is 5pm. The intention is that we can talk about the show, and then actually get down to doing some writing. Don't hold your breath.

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