Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It feels like midweek. But it's not. It's only Tuesday.

Liam came round last night, and we had a great evening, chilling, talking... drinking... eating. Never quite really got round to putting a DVD on. Before I knew it, we were still talking away, although slightly slower, and more slurred at 1 am.

By this point, I was rather knackered, and Liam called a taxi, and went outside to wait for it. (I'd offered to wait with him, but he'd declined) It was only as I was checking facebook the next morning, well, okay, that morning, that I discovered that he'd had to wait for 50 minutes. I felt so awful. I know I didn't turf him out into the rain, but.. bad host. Bad host.

Helen sent me an email today, confirming the time for her to come up tomorrow (confirm it again that is). She has been invited to a reunion with Solent Theatre Company, the group that she was in prior to M27 (Players, as it was then) being formed. She'd mentioned in her email that she would perhaps be asking for a lift from Steve Oldfield. That she didn't know if she should let him know about the prospect of an M27 reunion. She knows that he and I had some rather strange, and not very nice altercations in the company's past.

In life, despite your best efforts, there are inevitably some people you get on more with than others. On a sliding scale, some you would dearly love to spend all the time in the world with... and conversely, there are others that you wouldn't want to spend time with if they were the last person you could find to talk to in the dying days of planet earth. Everybody fits somewhere on that sliding scale.

I'll leave it for you to join the dots.

Personally, despite any events in the past, they are, well, in the past. Although they are best left there, I could hardly suggest a reunion for the drama company that didn't actually include he man that was instrumental in forming it.

I have to give him that accolade, because it is the truth.

Another truth is that we have entirely different, and somewhat incompatible visions about which direction is needed to assure it's (the drama company) continued survival.

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