Tuesday, 8 February 2011

When you open the doors, don't be surprised that someone walks through them..

... and so... it feels like I've actually worked a whole week, but in reality it's only been two days !

Maybe there is some sort of time contorting machine in the heart of that call centre.

Press Complaints Commission
There's this story on the BBC news website.... about how the PCC (Press Complaints Commission) has ruled that Twitter posts are effectively public information. Well fair enough, if you want something private, why would you post it onto the Internet ? Sarah Baskerville works for the Department of Transport, and was unhappy that the Daily Mail and Independent On Sunday had published her tweets relating to her going to work with a hangover.

Really ? I mean Really ? There are lots of stupid things that I may have said, or quoted, or tweeted, added to my facebook page or blogged about. I wouldn't expect any mainstream paper (and I'm being generous to describe The Daily Mail as such) to waste column inches repeating any of it. Not because I have some deluded idea that something I put out in the public domain, and have effectively relinquished my control over by doing such, but because they have surely more interesting things to print. Maybe. Maybe not.

Nevertheless, I am not an employee in a government department, but even so, surely she has to accept some responsibility to filter what she is transmitting to the world. If not, then she should set up the protections so that only certain people can see her tweets, or better still - just not tweet it in the first place ?

I am glad to see this attach of common sense by the PCC. Not that it effects me, but I have to cling on, in some vain hope that there is still common sense in this much misaligned world we live in.

If you are going to invade your own privacy, don't be offended if someone actually takes notice.

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