Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Spent so long waiting for the bus after work today that I felt that there was little point in the end, my going home, I might as well stay there. As I am back in work at 8am, any delay in getting home, after an 8pm finish makes me feel that the time, energy and trouble getting home from work, and then back again is time wasted.

I spend so much time going places, to I every truly arrive ? Destination or journey ?

Which is more relevant.....

I have Helen coming round tomorrow, to get some more work done on the play. We need to get some more writing done. We spent last week sorting out some of the organisational stuff about meeting up with people. We still do not have a confirmed date and venue. We've put up a facebook event for the meetup, but can't fix the location until I can get hold of someone at the pub we've contacted that can make a decision.

Clock is ticking. If they can't do it for the price we like (free) then we will hold it here. Won't be that much of a problem, and actually would be quite nice to have people here and read through the show. We have to stop all this moving back of dates. It's what's killing our motivation and focus. All the time the pressure of the looming deadline is absent we won't feel the burn, and the desire to make things happen. Helen and I have realised that all the time there is date we have to work to, that's set in stone, that we can't get out of, we are able to achieve so much. The rapidly disappearing days, weeks and months brings us to focus. When we know that the 'immovable' date actually isn't, IE, we can keep moving it, then we just loose all drive and attention, and we waste so much time. As indeed we have.

We had originally aimed to have the show completed by the end of December 2010, and have it good to go, ready to start workshops he first week in January. Where the hell has all that time gone ? We've had about two months where we haven't even looked at the script. That means that it's even harder to get back into the swing of things. We had to read through the work so far the other week, which probably isn't a bad thing.

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