Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Takers, please, and takers ?

Had our 2nd M27 workshop tonight. Hard core of people. By which I mean that there was only 5 of us. Now this is the same number that we had last week. It is not, though the same 5 people we had last week. Okay, there was me, and there was Clive who had been to the previous session.

This week we were joined by Becky, Terry and Nick. No Helen as she's off on a holiday. (To Egypt no less, after having to cancel her holiday to he Maldives due to being struck down with a bug. Egypt ? Is she mad ?)

We got off to a late start, and again with so few people it was a strain to get some of the improvisation games to work. Some really good and funny times though.

All set for next week ? Yes. Although I am more determined that we do less improvisation and do some workshops around the actual existing script. There is only so much improvising you can do with 5 people and without the ability to bring  / store any props to work off.

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