Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Do we always get what we expected ?

Today was the day of my annual review. Somehow whenever I have these things, I expect them to be basically a torrent of abuse. Of course, I should know better. It's been an awful long while since I had a boss that actually did that. (pretty much, since I left Tesco really).

Really, it didn't go all that bad. It didn't go as well as I could have hoped either, but at the same time, there was progress over my score from last year.

Is it that I have never gotten an increment, so have never expected it leading me to feel apathetic about it ? Strangely. No. Although I can point to lots of things that are better this year, over last year, I see the progress that's been made this year as the foundation, building blocks if you like.. for the stronger performance and success that is to follow.

Hope you're going to have a better year, month, week or day ? No. MAKE it a better year, month, week or day.

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