Friday, 11 February 2011

First time out

Last night was the first night that Helen and I let lose 'The Fatcat And The Grafter' on an unsuspecting circle of friends. Quite a wide circle of friends as it turns out.

I had worried that at one point there would only be about four people, but my fears turned out to be entirely unfounded. In all there was quite the list of guests. Some very dear, old friends, maybe even some very old, dear friends.

It's clear, as we expected, that some 'trimming' is required. It is only the first draft of the script after all. What was perhaps a little more frightening, was that until about 20 minutes before Rob turned up, there wasn't a climactic scene to end the first act. There wasn't a scene 7 at all.

Helen had arrived characteristically late, and we had grabbed some quick lunch before sitting ourselves down in front of my battered computer with the tough task ahead of us to produce the all important scene we are relying on to make sure our audience come back after the interval.

Working to tight deadlines, under pressure, really does work for us. Interesting that this part of the play received at better reaction that some of the parts we had written at a more leisurely pace.

Anyway, I am still rather tired from that very late night, and rather need my beauty sleep. More later !

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