Monday, 21 February 2011

How late finishing work ?

Not only did I manage to not run screaming from the call centre, I actually left on time. This is something of a miracle, and the week before I go on holiday too. With some focus and drive I did manage to get done some things that I need to make sure are in place before I take a break, and on a Monday too. Amazing.

I was so astounded that I managed to leave early that I forgot my hoodie and needed to go back for it.

Sadly no distractions today. I think I've been a bit of an idiot, which I guess makes a change from being a complete one.

From the great beyond, or facebook, I found out that Helen has not been able to go on her holiday as both her and her husband have been struck down with some bug. I'm hoping they get better soon, poor old Helen, doesn't really need anything else going wrong.

I'm a bit worried about the number of people that haven't said they are going to the 2nd workshop. Perhaps I am being a lazy organiser and relying on facebook to do all the work for me. Some time hitting the phones is on order tomorrow night I think. An activity I will have to squeeze in before Becky gets here for our Rocky Horror night. There will be vodka, singing... and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I am sure the sight of me doing the Timewarp whilst doing my cleaning, on Sunday night,  would have been enough to make my neighbours wonder what the hell I was up to.

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