Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tomorrow's the day... Mk 2

Tomorrow, is the first workshop / Improvisation session for The Fatcat And The Grafter. We are meeting at St Peters Theatre in Southsea. (Map)

Fantastically we are going to get a chance to use the theatre itself. There it is, to the left, in admittedly pixelated glory.

I'm so excited I can barely sleep. If I could sleep, I wouldn't be on the computer now, would I !

You can follow the ups and downs of the production as it gains momentum, and hopefully more of a working script, and some, er ... actors at @m27online (on twitter). We can also be joined on the facebook group.

If I keep talking about it, people will come ? Right ? When I say talk, I do mean actually in the real world. I'm not just stuck in front of a rather battle scared laptop hoping people will read my posts..... Well, ok, I am doing that, but as well as doing that I am...

OH, look, it's late. You get the point. See you there !

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