Monday, 3 June 2013

We're not going on a (summer holiday)

Looking after my two nephews while my sister and brother in law go out for the evening. 

They're okay kids, and I do love them dearly. Because I have to. I do find myself revolted by their boyish exploits. I'm not sure if that's a measure of their revoltingness or in my near snobbery and difficulty to understand or get along easily with boys. 

I'm not expecting comments. 

The week has only one day of work left to go and then it is release ! Freedom ! - well for a whole two days there is. Sadly this weekend is only two days long, and there isn't another bank holiday weekend until August. 

I was looking online last night to sort something out for my holiday away with Chloe this year. We haven't booked anything yet, and had decided last year that we would not go to Paignton again, as although we both loved it, we wanted to try somewhere else this year. There's even the possibility, I guess of going abroad. After all, when you consider that it costs about seven to eight hundred pounds for Chloe and I to rent a caravan for the week, it's about what we would spend going abroad. 

I've not been abroad since I went to Corfu with Chloe's mum (before we were married) in the early 90s. I haven't been abroad for 20 years. My god. I don't just need to get out more I need to get out further ! 

I was looking at holidays in Jersey, which seem very reasonable, if I've read the prices right. I'll have to email them, but I don't think they'll have any spaces left. Worth a try though for the sake of an email though. We'd be able to catch a ferry from Portsmouth - so no trains, or we could get a train to Southampton and get a plane over. 

Anyway. Early days. May come to nothing. I do think there's also lots of places in the UK that we could go and see, even if we needed to by plane. I'd quite like to go to Scotland, but part of me resists the idea of going somewhere colder for my holiday. 

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