Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I'm (day) off

Day off. Screw the cleaning. Get out and spend some time in the sunshine.

Oh. Okay then. 

I finally submitted the registration form for the new Doctors. Having not moved the doctor practice I belong to since when I lived in the centre of town, I needed recently to go to the doctor, when I felt ill (why else would I go to the Doctor?) and it was a pain having to go into town to go see them. 

Having been reminded by my Mother (for reminded, see moaned at) to get the form completed and sent in last week, I took the chance on my day off to put the bloody thing in. 

I have made an appointment to go see the nurse at the new doctors' surgery. I don't know if this is just a way of setting a baseline in the health of potential and future patients, or is it a way to weed out the unhealthy (and therefore resource absorbing) future patients. 

Having managed to pry myself away from the flat I headed to Southsea to go and see my Nan. I had originally planned to go see a film tonight with some of the guys from work, but spent longer at Nan's than I figured. There are other times to go see films with my friends. Family are important. 

Talking to my Nan is like reading out the letters to editor page from the Daily Mail. Her views are somewhat expectedly old fashioned, but also decidedly bigoted, shallow and right wing. She is a shining example of those that vote UKIP because they're fed up with all those pesky immigrants being let into the country, and don't even get her started on the gays. 

Aww bless her. 

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