Friday, 21 June 2013

About time too.

Okay. After all the initial excitement surrounding the purchase and delivery of my new camera and sound recording equipment it's maybe time to make a quickie Blog. 

Wednesday, my day off was the day that I had ordered for both packages to be delivered. In their enthusiasm however, Amazon tried to get the post office to drop the sound recorder off on Tuesday. I of course was at work, so wasn't able to take it in. This meant one of the red cards of inconvenience for me. 

Knowing I needed to nip into Cosham for an appointment with the nurse at the doctors surgery I'm joining - it seemed to make sense to do both on the same trip. 

The appointment with the Nurse went ok, they weighed, measured and quizzed me, took my blood pressure. The good news is - I'm still alive. 

Anyway, having nipped into the bank with a birthday cheque before seeing the Nurse I nipped across to the post office collection point, ID at the ready to collect my Zoom H1 sound recorder. 

The baking sun didn't bother me, just bathing me in its warming glow. I consoled myself that I would either be in when the camera was delivered, or I wouldn't. 

As luck would have it, about twenty minutes after arriving home, and just getting reasonably excited with the sound recorder, when the camera turned up. 

The girlish sqeeee of excitement didn't phase the delivery driver one bit. 

After some instruction reading, playing and experimenting I managed to create a half, okay maybe quarter, reasonable bit of film with both. Editing it on imovie was a slightly different process to what I am used to, having the sound coming from a separate source. 

Anyway. Shooting, editing done. Hit upload I did, and left the imac on to process and upload the video overnight. This failed. I tried again when I got up - but again some error about connection issues came up. The overnight upload I had assumed because the router had reset the Internet around midnight. 

A further three attempts to upload produced the same problem. I took to the internet, for answers.  (oh mighty Google, arm me with the power of infinite answers! ) I found lots, but none that seemed to fit the bill. 

Was it down to something on the camera or something in the imovie settings? I knew already of the fault that means any film description containing non standard characters won't upload and considered this to be similar eventually hit upon the realisation that all these upload failures came to light when the imac had entered screensaver or powersave mode. 

Chuffed with the power of my deductive reading I played with the settings on the imac and voila! I now have an uploaded HD video. 

Chuffed or what?  

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