Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Way Of The Dinosaurs ?

Another day, another dollar (or pound). Today feels a bit more messy, disorganised, in some ways, but in others it is actually quite fullfilling. There's very few people of my team in today, and the atmosphere is light and jovial. 

I still find it funny how much hard work, or how complicated some things are, when they could be so much simpler. After all, everyone wants to do a good job, and go home knowing that they've made a difference. Some people say that they don't, they hide their care for whatever reason, but even those apparently most disinterested or unengaged are actually just looking for someone to say 'thanks for that, you did a really good job there'. 

I find that everything to do with work, and understanding people gets a lot simpler and takes a lot less 'fight' when you start from that standpoint. 

Why, after all would someone chose to get out of bed every day, make their way to work and sit there doing a shit job, or pissing people off all the time ?

Most organisations evolve, grow, to be creatively inefficient and overly complicated as more and more people invest in creating additional importance and relevance for their little bit of the empire. All these people with differing views and differing prioties end up standing in the way of any meaningful change. 

This may be why some of the most successful companies of recent times have been the ones that are entirely new. They don't have any baggage to carry of processes that they have grown into or out of. Everything is started from scratch, and designed with the 21s century work place and business environment in mind. 

I guess that newer, nimlber companies are always better placed to react first to new trends or methods. The question is, at which point do they move from being a small, effecive, reactive, innovative entity to being a near monolithic leviathon that is incapable of moving or responding without a huge amount of effort to get all those people invested in the status quo to instead invest their time and energy in the brave new world. 

The companies that really suck at responding to changing market conditions suffer for it, and the greatest way a company would suffer ends up being one where if fails. Then all those people adamant in keeping things the same, and not embracing change suddenly find themselves having to change - in order to get a new job. I wonder if, when that happens, they every accept their part in the failure. 

Evolution is all about change after all. Things that don't evolve, don't change, don't repsond to changes in their environment, die. 

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