Monday, 3 June 2013

Make a difference ? Drink this...

A nice little row of ducks. Today, amongst all the chaos and activity, and new things to look at and do, I am feeling really on top of things. I have written up the things I looked at yesterday, and quickly got together some records and information that my boss needed. Now to spend the afternoon, out with people helping them in a more direct way. 

How simple to please am I ? To know that I have no big bits of work piling up, nothing that needs to be clawed back or caught up on. Am ahead of things. This surely can't be right ? What's gone wrong ? 

Well, I've been organised. I've looked at what needs doing and I've calmly, efficiently gotten on with it. 

Life is good. Off to Steve's tonight so that I can watch some 'Adventures Of Stephen Brown' with the guys fro Beacon. I haven't been up there for a while, and will be nice to go see them, and have an evening of fun. 

My sister and brother-in-law gave me a litre bottle of Smirnoff last night for looking after my Nephews and for the DIY that I've helped them with lately. I must really be growing up, because I honestly didn't expect or need anything, it was just nice to be able to help. 

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