Friday, 24 May 2013

Everyone loves a bargain

Although I wrote before about my habit of thinking that buying new technology, new equipment would be what was needed to allow me to write more, and that this is a red herring, I did buy last night on Amazon two bluetooth keyboards. 

Two ? Well, I figured that I could use one to take to work with me, with my ipad, so that I'm not wandering around with my iMac's keyboard. They're quite expensive at £50. I quick bit of surfing and I managed to find one that was under £10 on Amazon. There were even retailers selling that very same keyboard for just under £20, which is just ridiculous. None the less, I thought buying two would allow me to use one to take out and about with me, and the other I could give to Chloe to use with her Nexus. 

I have to say, although they are obviously not made of aluminium like the Apple keyboards are, they have a similar look and key layout and feel. I'm typing this blog up on one of them now. In all the ways that are important, they are the same, and in the one that's important to be different, IE the price, they are a fifth of the price. 

Everyone loves a bargain.

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