Monday, 27 May 2013

Summer nights.... if it ain't on facebook, it didn't happen.

Although I've been on holiday this week, I have tonight completed a 6 hour shift in the out of hours call centre. It wasn't too busy, and although some times you're frustrated that your hands are tied in regards to what engineers you have available on the Sunday evening of a Bank Holiday, by and large, the vast majority of people are receptive and very understanding. 

Some people are slightly harder to help for one reason or another but that's just working with the public, I'm sure that's the same in any area. That's just the way people are. 

A 6 hour shift seems to pass so effortlessly, and so quickly. No pausing for lunch breaks, although I did have three cups of tea, and the rolls that I'd brought along with me. 

I had Chloe stay overnight Saturday, she didn't actually spend the entire time playing minecraft - which was something new. We sat and watched Star Trek (the 2009 JJ Abrams version). Despite starting it moaning and winding me up by saying that there's no difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, she actually really enjoyed the film. Even posted on facebook that she liked it. 

If it's not on facebook it didn't happen. 

It's been a really pleasant day today, weather wise. I haven't done any more to remove the remains of the bushes on the path to my flat - I don't want to hurt my back any more than I have done already. The walk back home from my shift of work was very pleasant, I do love the feeling of the fresh air, the quiet of the streets (I didn't see another human being) and the beauty of the stars in the sky. 

It is nice to get out and about a bit, even if it's only to walk to and from work. Walking is good. 

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