Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Insomnia's nothing to lose any sleep over

...or so the (tired) joke goes.

First day back at work, I'd have to say felt like a success. Lots of
work to do, tough times ahead. Nothing that shocks or amazes me. None of
these are surprises. Nice to see that people around me are upbeat and

Spent most of the day lurching from one meeting to another, and feeling
a welcome sense of disconnection with everything that was going on. Made
sure that my attitude on return was that of someone that was going to
carry on and get things done regardless. That's exactly what I did.

If anyone was expecting fireworks, or toy throwing then they were sadly

Offices were created so that there was a place for office politics to
play out, without really effecting anyone with an undue sense of reality
or value.

Drama being good tonight, the second film attempted with 'Scientific
Simon & Dismal Dave'. A lot harder to get done than last weeks effort.
This took about 6 takes to get right, either there were problems with
the performances from the artists (me - Ian was great) or there were
issues with the lighting, the camera, the camera angles... etc etc.
Ironically, unlike last week, the issues about converting and uploading
the film did not arise. Thankfully. This week we were using the hard
disk camera, which does make such things marginally easier.

So why the hell, am I sitting here at this time of the morning, when I
should be asleep ? Well, because I can't sleep. I've tried, and no
cigar. Too many things rushing around in my head (sadly, all about
things I want to get done tomorrow - today - at work). After trying all
reasonable remedies known to man (well, ok. This man) I have given up,
and decided to 'capture my thoughts' as 't were.

That was them, if you've scrolled down this far without reading what's
above, you've missed 'em.

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