Sunday, 21 February 2010

This was the week that was, the week that was the week...

Where do all these damn weeks keep disappearing off to ?

It's been a shame that we haven't gotten any filming done this week, or
last week for that matter, but these things happen. They just happen
that much easier in a group that's actually so small that one person not
turning up means a 25% drop in attendance.

Still, there's been plenty of creativity flashing about. I've even made
progress with the script.. just no where near enough. I haven't even
been making that many blog entries (sorry).

Steve asked me to submit a small piece about the premier last night,
which I have done, so that was some writing I got done today. Best
intentions. It's that bloody box in the corner that I'm addicted to, the
one that has all these pretty images on.

Just how riveting is Australian Masterchef anyway ? I can't really stand
the home grown version, but somehow theirs is different, and I now know
how to cook a steak properly, and how to make a red wine sauce. (Like if
I had any good quality red wine knocking about the place it'd have a
chance to be used in cooking). I've been catching up on some of the
recorded shows that I actually do want to watch.

Some Skins, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Brothers & Sisters, Question
Time & Survivors, now that I've listed them all, no wonder I didn't get
anything done. Dammit.

Tomorrow some friends are bringing round their old sofa, which they have
said that I can have. I just hope that we can get it through the door,
and their journey isn't in vain. Even if it is a success, that will
leave me with the challenge of trying to figure out what to do with my
current sofas, whose better days are somewhat behind them now.

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