Sunday, 7 February 2010

underage facebook use, chinese takeaways and pet gayers.

Have I really only been back at work a week ?


Can I have another week off now ?


Dammit !

Actually, this week hasn't been too bad, it's certainly been no picnic
(the weather was wrong and the dips were spoiled), but I do feel like I
have done a good job. Others may not, but I'm setting my own standards
now aren't I.

There's drama in the drama world tonight. The lead for the new Beacon
series 'The 9th Man' has disappeared off the face of the planet. Aside
from not responding to any attempts at contact from anyone, he also
hasn't apparently done anything about the episode he's meant to be
writing for the forthcoming series. Not to mention, failed to contribute
his share toward the upkeep of the club.

Steve, who is the head of all things Beacon, has made the courageous
decision not to allow him to take part in any productions unless he
settles up. There have been many times in the past when I have been
confronted with a similar issue when bringing shows to stage in amateur
theatre, and despite my statements to that effect, not always had the
strength to take the hard (and I think right) line on it.

It's a club for crying out loud, and in this instance, we are talking
about £12. It's exceptionally good value for being involved in something
that keeps you busy all year round. Shame on you !

I've had what can only be described as a lazy-ish Saturday. I've done
the shopping, done half the cleaning, done some washing.. what's a guy
to do on a Saturday off with so many things on his to-do list ? Waste
half the day watching Star Trek Voyager is what.

Last night, I was excited to have got to the end of the week, that I was
going to celebrate with a McDonald's. Alone. Ahhhh. Big sad face.

As I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus home (why else
would I stand at a bus stop, I wonder ?), and I received a string of
text messages, but the identity of the sender was not known to my lovely
BlackBerry. This conversation evolved and continued... there was the
initial hope that my mystery texter would turn out to be someone
fascinating, exciting, and who was about to sweep me off my feet and
'rock my world'.

It was my friend, and exflatmate Kelly. She was at a lose end (which is
not like her on a Friday night) and fancied a Chinese (takeaway as in,
she knows I am English). It doesn't take a lot to tempt me, and the idea
of unexpected joyful company, and a chinese was more tan I could turn
down. I also got a free lift home into the bargain.

Just as I was about to get into the car, I received a call from my
ex-wife to let me know that our 10 year old daughter has been
deceptively going on the internet, and has in fact signed up for a
facebook account. Knowing that we have both told her she is too young
for this (and she is, their minimum age is 13) and that she is not to. I
guess all kids rebel against their parents, and push their luck doing
things that they have been told that they are not allowed to do. The
thing that worried me was the ease with which she lied to the pair of
us. She isn't even into secondary school yet, and she's hiding and lying
and doing things behind our backs.

It is good that her Mother and I are singing off the same hymn sheet
with this one, it has not always been the case, but in the last couple
of years we've been able to talk better about how we approach
introducing the world to our daughter. It's only fair we warn them.

Switching back conversations, when Kelly came round for the takeaway,
she listed her facebook status as 'I'm having a chinese tonight, with my
gay'. So I'm like a pet now ?

One of the guys at work on Friday said that he thought I'd lost a lot of
weight lately. I thought that was a nice thing for him to say. I
haven't, as it happens, (and after last night's gastronomic indulgences,
I'm headed in the other direction weight wise) perhaps its because I've
been wearing some slightly different clothes lately.

Really, does my bum look better in these brown jeans ?

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