Thursday, 4 February 2010

Don't look back in anger

..and I wasn't. I thought I looked positively chipper.

It's been a tough, but rewarding week at work so far, or at least
toughly rewarding. I've got up early today, so I can take my daughter's
bike to the repair shop to get it fixed (why else would I take it
there ?). On my way back, after stopping off to get some milk and some
chocolate (all things begin, and end with chocolate - those that don't,
begin and end with vodka). I passed this man in the street, and
completely out of the blue, he tells me 'don't look back in anger'.

If random Oasis song quotes is your thing then I guess that's cool, but
I'm more used to 'hello' or 'good morning' - but this being Portsmouth
it's more likely to be a cursory grunt if you get any acknowledgement at
all. Just count yourself lucky it's not a smack in the face.

Now to prove that while I wait for my lift into work, I've not turned
into a curtain twitcher 'angered from Portsmouth', the post man has just
been along, bless him, and moved one of my neighbours' recycling wheelie
bin, but moved it so that it blocks the path out of where I live. Grand
isn't it ? Shall I a) pick up the phone and moan at the council for not
training the wheelie bin men to leave things in the place they got them
from, or b) call the post office, to have a go at them, that their guy
(and it was a guy, I'm not generalising - either a guy or a very
unfortunate looking woman) has 'created a hazard' - or, now here's the
killer question for 10 points... c) go out there and just move the
bloody thing.

I'll give you some time to think....




Is that you're final answer ?

You're right, I went for C. I stopped short of actually putting the
thing back where it's meant to go. I'm not a complete pushover.

This as well as helping push start a car on the way home from work last
night. 'Oh it's a man !' said the woman when she saw me coming over, and
offering to help. I had to look round, just in case she didn't mean me.
You never can tell.

I'm not expecting my OBE any time soon, these are simple things that
normal people do, right ?

Normal being an entirely subjective term, which actually I hate to use,
and am normally (ha !) offended by being labelled as such.

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