Friday, 29 January 2010

What's all this about the Ipad ?

Apple introduced the world to it's latest baby this week, the Ipad.
There's been much excitement, and as normal, much 'boo hoooing'.

There are, admittedly lots and lots of people that will gush with
excitement at anything new and shiny, not to mention all those Apple
followers who would make Scientologists look sceptical. There are also
those that are predisposed to an instant reaction of 'it's rubbish' or
'over priced tat' or 'underwhelmed, I was hoping for so much more'.

It's funny to see that reading some of the comments online, about what
sort of device people would have liked to see, most of them haven't
taken any time to look at the information Apple have launched, or that
they seem to think that our technological capabilities are something on
a par with those of Star Trek The Next Generation.

Having seen the details on Apple's website, I've come to the conclusion
that it will be a 'game changing' device, and will end up being used in
so many more ways than we are able to imagine now, it is SO MUCH MORE
than a 'large Iphone' (without a phone connection). From what I've seen,
I'd like one, but I'd also like to be able to buy a house, but I can't,
because I don't have enough money.

So funny that all the negative comments are roughly similar to the ones
that are made every time Apple makes a new product announcement. 'Its
not a good as I thought it would be, it doesn't have x,y,z' or 'what do
I possibly need a device like that for ? It'll never work'.

Millions of Iphone & Ipod owners prove that wrong. The public, can be,
by and large stupid and gullible, but not so much so about parting with
their hard earned cash. (They're not bankers, so they have to earn their
money before they spend it).

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