Friday, 8 January 2010

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Oh.. the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful..... if you've no place to go...

But what happens if you do ? What happens if you're snowed in (or out) and have to get somewhere, work, home, to school, the doctors, the supermarket. What can you do ?

Well, simply put, it's stark choice between, struggle on and make your way, or make do with whatever you've got and stay where you are.

Still mostly disconcerting, with all the ice and snow, to see idiots still driving their cars whilst talking on their mobile phones. An example of applied idiocy at the best of times, utterly stupid in current driving conditions.

Like so many people I struggled into work this week, Thursday was a bit of a nightmare, but as it happens it was a fire on a train somewhere down the line that made it such a chore to get to work, not the snow. But with some waiting, some more waiting, and some alteration to the journey, I did arrive at work, 50 minutes late, and that after leaving an hour earlier. Still, my effort was luckily appreciated by my boss, who flatly turned down my offer to make up the time.

It's just a bit of frozen water, after all. Well, okay a lot of frozen water.

I have to admit, that I rather like the challenge of overcoming the problems caused by the weather. There's something of the Dunkirk spirit about the whole thing. By god we can handle more than this.

It's been interesting also seeing the mood and content of people's comments on facebook change as the week has gone on, and they've started to lose patience with not being able to do what they normally do, even though we normally moan about having to do that as well. It's only really like a holiday if you have the chance to get on a plane and fuck off somewhere warmer. On Tuesday night it was all about 'wow ! snow !' or 'ha ha ! it'll be fun getting to work tomorrow'. By Thursday night, the mood was changing to something more along the lines of 'I've had enough now, and can't afford another day off work'.

Councils up and down the country are being critisized for not having enough grit or salt to cover more than the major roads. The Conservative party have been causing mischief claiming that the country is on the verge of running out of gas. Supermarkets are having their shelves cleared of the few things they are able to deliver on the treacherous roads. Why the need to go so mad ? You know the panic buying is getting bad when people start stocking up on tinned vegetables.

I'm getting to the point that it may be worth turning off the freezer and leaving the contents outside the back door.

Still, one of the joys that my freezer contains is a lovely bottle of Russian Vodka...well, if we have the Russian weather... it would be rude not to observe cultural customs too.

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