Wednesday, 27 January 2010

some sleep, some progress, some lasagne.

So, halfway through he week, and what's been achieved ? Not doing too
bad, actually more than half way through first episode for TAOSB. Got
email last night, reminding that the deadline is looming for The 9th

Happy times. As is ever the same when on holiday, my sleep pattern is
shot to hell. I've been getting up around 11:30 every day so far. I'll
have to sort that out before my return to the workplace, as I don't
think they'll be too understanding if I don't turn up for work until
after lunch !

Chris came down last night, and with the effortless meal of some
Iceland's Lasagne, we sorted out the story of our joint effort for The
9th Man. With some tweaking, that'll be ready and done in the next two
weeks. This means the pressure is on to complete the work on TAOSB.

Helen and I have now a couple of ideas burning away to bring to stage,
meaning a possible return to stage for us is on the cards either for
late 2010 or early 2011. Watch this space ! You saw it here first !

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