Tuesday, 26 January 2010

All the work's in post (production)

Another really good night of filming for us tonight. Great that Ian
turned up, he hadn't been along since November, and that is SOOOOO last
year 'n all.

Helen & I came up with an idea in the kitchen, as these things do, to
make a kids tv show spoof. We did such a 'good' job of it, that we are
thinking of using the characters in other sketches. Considering that it
took us all of about 5 minutes to shoot, with only one out-take, and
that being because I got tongue-tied, I am still waiting to complete the
upload of said video to youtube. Numerous false starts from a technology
front, never, ever, should I try to take 'short cuts' when converting
video files again. I'm sure there must be a less complicated way of
doing things.

Still, once I'd actually recovered the footage itself from the camera,
it was an easy enough job to snip a bit off the start, and a bit off the
end, and TADA !!! one video. Helen's mastery of the camera puts us all
to shame. I never did learn how to deal with shame effectively, not
being a Catholic.

I have sort of managed what I said that I was going to do this week, so
far, in that I had got up and got straight on with the business of
'knocking out' - although that's never an approach I have to writing,
(ok, except for when it was homework assignments when I was at school,
but that was ages ago, and everyone understands why) the script that I
am working for The Adventures Of Stephen Brown, and then after that,
there's the one to do for 'The 9th Man'.

The latter is a joint effort between myself and Chris, which is
good, as we worked so well together on 'War Of The Words', and that was
at least very well received when being shot by the cast..(we have yet to
have that shown to the rest of Beacon). Can't wait till that happens, in
fact must check when that's due to happen, as I haven't made it to the
premières of anything else that I've been involved in at all in 2009.
Perhaps this was because of the embarrassing reaction to 'The Legend'
that I have been squarely put off. I'm sure that the other things that
I've either acted in, or written have... well, actually been edited,
rather than shredded by the Director. I guess these things are a risk in
amateur film making. Just felt that it was less common in amateur
theatre, that may have been because it was so much easier for the
audience, actors and writer to lynch the director after a shit show than
it is for a filmed piece, you may not even see them (or indeed the
finish episode) for months afterwards.

Youtube's finest are 'processing' our latest video as we speak (or more
precisely as I type). Sadly, there is nothing in there that should fall
foul of anyone's description of censorship, not even in China, would
this video not get shown, unless they have something against showing how
stupid we can be, which I was kind of gathering they wouldn't have a
problem with 'awww look, stupid English guy.. think's he's funny....'.

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