Friday, 16 August 2013

Savour the flavour

Friday 16th August 2013. 18:06

Another late-ish start to our last day, partly because it decided to rain mid-morning, partly because Chloe didn't surface from her pit until 10am.

Eventually, we left the caravan, to take our last trip on the bikes. Cycling into Rye to have a look around, and to return the bikes.

I had hoped to go see Rye castle, but we got hopelessly lost in the lanes and streets of Rye. Chloe attempted to direct me after checking her phone for directions, but I was confident that I knew which way it was.

I was wrong.

In the end, having gone round the town twice we gave up. I wasn't that fussed in the first place.

We found some gifts for people,  (to compliment the postcards that we bought yesterday - that will probably arrive next week some time) and then walked the 2 miles back to the caravan.

Nearly got tearful this morning, thinking about how this was our last day, and that pretty soon Saturday would flash past in a blur of train journeys. We've really had a great time this week, and it will be hard not just going back to work next week, but also not being with Chloe. It's that bitter-sweet moment that I face every year. Such is life I guess, but it doesn't get any easier.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Savour every day, because they do not come again.

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