Sunday, 18 August 2013

Marvellous, windy, wet, return.

Saturday August 18th. 23:47

In my own bed. Again.

Back home. The weather in Portsmouth has greeted our return with a wet and windy rather than warm welcome.
Chloe's choice

My Mum and Dad have done lots of things around the flat for me whilst I've been away, as well as looking after Midnight and Twilight. Glad that I bothered to buy them some holiday presents.

Mum's choice
The plus side of getting home, was that the bags that I'd brought off Groupon before going had arrived. Chloe instantly claimed the one that she had her eyes on, and my Mum ended up claiming the pink one. It was a lovely pink though, but I think it may have been a step to far, even for me.

I am happy with the one I've been left with though. It's funky.

Just one of the things that I discovered over the week, which didn't make any sense whatsoever was that Chloe kept reacting most unfavourably the me using the word 'Marvellous'. I have not so far gotten to the bottom of why this word is worthy of such a reaction. But there we have it. Perhaps this will stay.. a marvellous mystery ?

Outside the wind continues to blow, the rain continues to fall. I have to say, I've missed wind and rain. I do like them. I guess it's easier to like them when you're not out in them, but hey ! Paint me burgundy, poke me with a Tiger and call me a hypocrite.

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