Monday, 13 February 2012

There but for the grace...

I've lost count how long it's been since I've typed an entry into my blog, and I guess that I'm proving just how lazy I am by not even checking my own blog to see when it was that I last submitted something. 

I have of late been writing with my pen in a book, which I think at some point I'll get round to scanning and uploading. Some enthusiastic use of Evernote. 

Today Chloe brought her friend Ella round with her. This is the first time that she's ever brought a friend round here. It's also the first time I've had to be responsible for someone else's child, well one that I wasn't related to. Chloe was somewhat more concerned with making sure that she got a present. She had wanted me to order a mouse-mat off ebay that had the image of a creeper from minecraft printed on it. This was £8. There'd been the whole thing of her Mum telling her that she wasn't going to spend so much money (when Chloe had spoken to me about it on the phone briefly when I was cooking dinner one night, so we hadn't really had a chance to talk about it properly. Emma had assumed that Chloe was playing us against each other, as this was going against what she'd told Chloe). As ever things somehow turn out to be more complicated than you can ever imagine them needing to be. Or at least they seem to do so in my life. 

Anyway. Long story. Shortened version. Chloe spent a more realistic amount of money buying young lad's valentines present. (It would be really cruel of me to blog his name). I've tried to point out to her that she's the girl, and that as the boy he should be the one rushing round trying to impress her.

I'd repeated this to Theresa at work, and she said that was unfair, and that I was setting her up to fail. There was now way in hell a boy in Portsmouth was going to be making that much of an effort.



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