Wednesday, 22 February 2012

2nd day....

It would seem ironic, that someone who posts vlogs that they, like everyone else, cringes at the sight of footage of themselves on screen. But it's true. More so when I'm acting.

Tonight I completed my review for this month's Venturer Magazine, for members of Beacon. This month's task was to pass comment on 'Questions and Questionings' a story for the Ninth Man series. Sometimes, this may feel less enjoyable than others. This month was one of the times that it's an absolute joy turning over my evening to it.

I feel a little guilty that I haven't made a new video myself tonight. Last night's offering was quite fun to do, and did rather come inspired out of the lack of any decent footage more than anything else.

Still. My second day without facebook, has passed without me missing it at all. I am getting (getting ?) a bit sad and vacuuming every day at the moment. I thought that cats were supposed to malt in spring or summer, not when it's still quite obviously in the middle of bloody winter. Either that, or they are managing to pull about 3% of their fur off each other every day whilst I'm out. They do look at me (the cats) like I'm mad most of the time, but when I again bring out the vacuum cleaner, which they usually run from, but can't resist the temptation to sit at a safe distance watching me giving me a 'why are you bothering with that ?' look.

With tonight also marking the end of one pay-month and the start of another, I am trying to restrain myself to not take freshly charged debit card in hand tomorrow and 'let lose'. It means that I will finally have some money, that means I can meet up with someone. Someone, who come to think of it has been suspiciously quiet text wise today. Hmmmm.

I also want to meet up with another friend who I haven't seen for quite some considerable time. He even offered to supply drink (and I get the next), but that would be too easy an offer to take, and knowing me, I would forget to return the favour. It's one thing being a friend that you don't hear from for ages, and quite another that drinks your vodka and never buys a round.

So, this does open out the possibilities for me to, well have real interactions with people in the real world (IRL as the kids are saying it). This is a good thing. Yes ? A coincidence that these events are both pending to occur during my facebook-free time.

I did cheekily set up my facebook account so that it repeats whatever I tweet, telling myself that the point of the exercise is for me to avoid facebook, not for people that 'friend' me on there to not have any idea what I'm doing. I haven't aimed this as 'quitting facebook' in any way, or with any pseudo sociological or political message or purpose. However, if I am pleased with the lack of facebook in my life, and the opportunities that brings, then I may well take more drastic action.

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