Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Let me sit down and talk about how much I'm on the move

Realising that there's a way to connect to the wifi in the office so that the Chromebook becomes usable at work. Priceless.

Didn't fancy creating my own wifi hotspot with my phone, that'd kill the battery for sure. This way I can actually use it at the one place I spend most of my time. Much, much more time than I do in asleep that's for sure.

Still feeling that something is missing this week, I don't have that boundless energy and excitement that I've had recently. I have a lot more to do now that I have a full team again, and that means that I have more things I can do to help them, or be with them. If only I could actually tear myself away from all the paperwork (of the electronic kind) - all the sucky admin / HR stuff that no one in their right mind would enjoy.

When I was in the emergency call centre last night, one of the managers there was speaking to me about how they were finding it a struggle there at the moment, and that they don't seem to have support, and the workload they have is impossible to deal with.

All sounds rather similar to what we were going through about four - six months ago. Doesn't sound fair for them, and more than it was for us, that things are being asked of them, but they are not being shown how to get it all done in the best way. Seems to be a 'you should just go manage the time better' response. Not at all supportive.

Even when times are tough, and there doesn't really seem to be any sort of let up, it's worth remembering that there are harder ways of earning what I earn for a living. I consider myself very fortunate, to take home what I do. I don't really have brilliant grades or education, and don't really have any definable skills.

With the current economic climate in this country, there are plenty of people that are either out of work, had to take pay freezes or pay cuts, or reduce hours. There's always someone worse off than you, as the morale goes.

IT might be hard, and no, I agree, money isn't the only thing that's important, but if you say that, and mean, and are really, truly, deeply unhappy in what you are doing for a living..... go do something else.

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