Sunday, 28 July 2013

Holiday !!

In a mere two weeks time, Chloe and I are on holiday together. This is our annual time away, that we've been going on since she was about 6 years old. (The first few years we went to Butlins in Bognor).

Most recently we've been going to Waterside Caravan Park in Paignton, Devon. It's a lovely part of the world. Lots of beautiful scenery and lots of places to go and see, and things to do. Having been there now for three years we wanted to try somewhere else.

Devon is such a lovely part of the UK, I must admit that I'd not seriously considered us going to somewhere Eastwards. I don't know if it's the geography, or the greenery, or the general pace of life. Not sure. Something in my head feels a little 'lesser holiday' of an Eastward destination. Silly really. Very silly. I'm sure there are just a great places to the East of where we live. Maybe even North too. (The only things really South of here are the Isle Of Wight, or, well, water - unless we seriously consider going abroad...).

Anyway. I've been getting some emails from different holiday park companies. We stay at caravan parks. There's also something about staying in a caravan that makes it a holiday, as much as the train journey. The fact that you're spending time on a train etc, tells you that you're going away, and in a strange way literally allows you time to acclimatise to the change in pace and general relaxation and washing away of all the stresses.

Anyway. Some of these offers I got from Park Holidays were, to be honest, too silly to not look into.

We've booked today, for a nice seven day holiday at holiday park on the East Sussex coast. (Sorry stalkers, not telling you exactly where). Last year I spent well over £700 for the caravan alone. This I got for Under £400. With it being so cheap (was on offer at half price) I've upgraded the standard of caravan.

It'd begun to get worried that we wouldn't get somewhere for the dates that we wanted, or that it'd be somewhere not as nice as Waterside. By the looks of it, it's a really pretty town. Lots and lots of scenic walks for us.

We're not really into all the on-park entertainment, (except for the swimming pool), and walks in the countryside are just our thing. As long as there's 3g signal, we'll be ok.

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