Monday, 15 April 2013

Sleep ? Who needs sleep ?

Despite being neither worried nor excited about the prospect of returning to work I found it next to impossible to get to sleep last night.

Blogging in my lunch break, stopping myself from working through.

I've been quite pleased with just how quickly I have dealt with the 202 emails in my work email inbox - I now have this down to a respectable 50. This is entirely down to use of my favourite key on the keyboard. Delete. I enjoy it so much that I probably look like a demented pink cyberman repeating the word 'delete' over and over again, and with each email consigned to the great virtual trashcan in the cloud, I look more and more mad.

Several people have commented favourably about my haircut, which always makes me feel nice. You should always compliment a girl about her hair. Just because I'm not a girl doesn't mean I don't like it being noticed.

After dispatching many emails to electronic Valhalla I collected the stats data from the last two weeks. I need to know where I am, how my team are doing. Very much a numbers person. I then of course enter them into a spreadsheet.

My boss has been very complimentary to me as well today, remarking on how well my team are doing against the rest of our work area. This is nice to know. It is certainly one of the best return from holidays I've had. Just have to keep in check that little bit at the back of my head that sits there asking the question 'what's going to come and slap me in the face tomorrow'. Historically. If there are major problems or issues they come to light on day + 1 after return from holiday. In english that means the second day back.

I will just have to wait and see.

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