Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cleaning all done

My life is SOOOOO rock'n'roll that I don't know where to begin. Having cleaned the flat, in preparedness of the arrival of Chloe The Mess Maker. and feeling good about myself for doing it, I set off to collect her. Only to miss the train that would have gotten me to meet her on time, so had to take a taxi instead.

Dammit with me and time.

blogging away on ipad, with borrowed keyboard from iMac,

I mentioned in my last entry, that I had bought a new case for my ipad, that matched the one for my kindle..

They're by Tecknet. I got them both from Amazon. The kindle's one I got at the same time I bought the Paperwhite, wanting something other than dull and boring black, and not really liking any of the other options. The blue was more bleuggghh, the pink was too shouty (even for me) and the green was never seriously under consideration. As for the yellow, well I know my limitations.
Matching gadget cases. Sequins to follow.... (joking)

 The iPad case has the nifty function of being able to hold the iPad in a 'sitty-uppy' position. (my description, not theirs).

The quality of both is really nice, and I like the finish. Proper stitching at the seams and stuff. Gives me the faith that both will last.

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