Sunday, 14 April 2013

Less time is more time.

Cunning revelation last night. Because my daughter was playing minecraft on my computer up to the point that the parental controls kicked in, and blocked her internet connection and then logged her out, she got to see the time at which it would next allow her access. (That being 7am).

Knowing that today would be her last day of holiday before going back to school, I wanted to make sure that she got a decent night's sleep and got up at a good time - so that getting up tomorrow for school wouldn't be such a shock.

Curtailing her computer access at 9pm and insisting that she go to bed at Ten PM seems to have worked exceptionally well. What I hadn't counted upon was Chloe making good her realisation that the computer's access would be reopened at Seven AM, so was surprised to say the least when she woke me up at 7:30 saying that she wanted to have a shower.

I stayed awake as well, making good of the early morning. The same principle of course working for me, as I also return from my holiday tomorrow morning. Back to the grindstone. I'm not so much dreading it, as unbothered by it. Disinterested I think would cover it. What I do there, pays the bills, keeps the roof over my head, affords the things that I want to be able to do with my time instead.

My Mum asked me today if I would look after my Nephews Tuesday evening, while her and my Sister go out for some exercise thing. All easy enough, and knowing that the boys will be thoroughly absorbed in some form of device or another, I can get on with some writing in a distraction free environment. Ironic really, that the quiet of the flat be more distracting than a house with two pre-teenage boys.

Like when I was writing the nanowriomo novel, I found that I was able to get down about twelve-hundred words during my lunch break, and therefore be more motivated to continue on when I left work in the evening. I also made considerable progress when I went to Costa.

Maybe instead of asking Sharon to drop me home after work, I will instead ask her to let me out at the high street and I will go along to Costa and get some work done there.

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