Sunday, 11 March 2012

He tasks me, he tasks me.....

Facebook continue with their attempts to lure me back into their clutches...


Hi Simon,
You haven't been back to Facebook recently.You have received notifications while you were gone.
The Facebook Team

.. and I have to confess to a moment of weakness that was entirely brought about by the need to get the e-voucher code for Pizza hut on Saturday night than anything.. this required me to momentarily log into facebook in order to get the code. Honest. That was the reason. True. So, after recovering the code I needed to get reduced price pizza for myself and Chloe, I did wobble, and look at the friend request. 

Should I pay a penance (again a religious word I've stolen) for this 'sin' ? I haven't wavered at all on the watching live TV front, to the point that the retuning of TV digital TV receivers in my area went completely un-noticed by me, and thus two days worth of recorded programmes instead were screens of 'you need to retune your BT-Vision Box'. 

It does come to something when even my parents (well, my Mother) seem slightly frustrated that I am not using facebook at the moment. Although I am too old to use the typical teenage reaction that anything my parents think is a good idea, I must absolutely hate (and vice versa). 

Who was the 'friend' request from ? I have no idea who the person was, but he looked cute, so I accepted. Me, shallow ? God no. 

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