Monday, 11 October 2010

The Kindle cometh. I have been salivating over this amazing device since its release last month. I eventually gave in to my desire, and ordered one on October 2nd.

There is a bit of a wait on delivery. Demand has been so great. As a bit of a gadget fiend I've always liked the convenience of e-readers, right back in the day on a succession of windows mobile machines. The modern devices, designed specifically for the purpose, with E-Ink rather than LCD screens. Easier on the eye.

Up until the release of the Kindle 3 these devices have seemed quite cumbersome, clunky and expensive. The third generation Kindle, produced by Amazon is lighter, has a better display and comes in two options of connectivity. The wifi only version comes in at £109 and the 3G version at £149. There's no subscription or connections charges, and this means you can download new books from Amazon's website in about 120 countries in the end. That's a great tool to have, if you expect to find yourself in a place where you will desperately want to download a book and can't get to an open wifi network any time soon, then the £149 model is the one for you.

Me, I plumped for the £109 version. Figuring that the extra £40 wasn't worth that added convenience, and that open wifi networks are only the nearest McDonald's or Costa Coffee shop away.

As for my gift to self. Was dispatched from Amazon's warehouse on Friday. Expected delivery date is October 13th. Can't come soon enough in my mind. I'll write some more about it, and a detailed review once it has finally got here. 

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