Sunday, 24 October 2010

Where the hell as half the year gone ? Winter is fast approaching, it's getting colder. As it the nights get longer and darker, there are some very bright shining lights drawing me in.

Well, to start with, Exchange of contracts took place this week. Last weekend, I received a bumper load of paperwork to review, sign and send back. I managed to plough through all of that, and getting Dan to witness for me send the paperwork back to the solicitor. I don't have, at this point a confirmed date for completion. For the move. Taylor Wimpey's office last indicated to me that we are on track for that to be the end of November.

My parents move into their house next week. I had gone for a walk down to the site on Wednesday, taking Helen with me. Some more has been opened up, allowing some new views of the flat as it progresses towards completion (of construction). The roof is on, the framework for the internal walls is in.

It's amazing to see that things are progressing so fast, and so much. It is getting close to the end of October.. just a week left. With any luck, by the end of next month I will be in my new flat. MY. NEW. FLAT. New, not just to me, but newly completed. EEEEKK !!!
... looking like some sort of evil Chav Genie..

The rear of the building. That's my front door there that is.

Parking and access behind my flat.

The two windows for the front room...

Centre: The en-suite window. Right: My bedroom window

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