Sunday, 19 September 2010

Time is closing in now...

Pretty soon, there'll be no point in going to have a peak out the window from the show flat... as the walls of my flat will be all that can be seen.

Some of the fencing has been removed, and you can see that the builders are preparing to provide access to the properties that are due for imminent completion (IE mine - and my parents'). Funny looking down on it, and seeing that what was a matter of weeks ago just some buildings seemingly dropped into the middle of a muddy field. Now.. well, now it starts to look like a street is actually under construction.

As far as I know, we're still on schedule for the 'end of November' move-in date. This means two months till I'm living in, what at the moment still resembles..well.. something that you'd make out of lego.

Getting nervous ? You bet.

Went for a bit of a wander round the local area on today's visit up to the site. Discovered a cut through path, and a park that I never knew existed. 

Amazing how the provision of monkey-bars can cause such excitement in my daughter.

I really do have a good feeling about the area, that it will be quieter than here. I know there will be some noise from the nearby A27, but I will not, I hope, be subjected to the regular noise from the cars with music blaring at insanely loud levels that I am here.

Definitely something to look forward to in the colder, darker winter days and nights to come.
Once I'm all settled, (probably in the new year) I'd like to get a couple of cats. Although I do like peace and quiet, sometimes it's too silent, and perhaps the companionship suits me. Sad old git with two cats.

Whilst my daughter was supposedly working on her homework today, I managed to grab some time reading more of 'New Moon', in the Twilight saga. Actually finished the book today. Had I been able to read the whole Harry Potter series in such a condensed time-line I probably would have done so. Twilight, although a similar subject matter deals so much more with the interactions and relationships between the characters, all seen as it is through the late teen eyes of Bella. This contrasts to the action and mystery/adventure driven nature of the Potter books, and their viewpoint being firmly from the pre and into teen eyes of Harry.

There's a definite difference in the target audience for both series. A difference of about 5 years I'd think, in their ages. I do see mostly women raving about the Twilight saga. It seems that it hasn't transcended the gender/age & shame barriers YET in the way Potter did.

Bella's need to be loved, wanted, desired by Edward (or Jake) and her decision to give herself to him fully, and him not wanting to - turn her into a vampire does seem to speak of other things that every teenage girl goes through, although normally in a much more mundane way. It's well written though. I have longed for ages to find a book that I can't put down. It's the 'stickiness' of the book that generates its survival, or in my case, the likelihood that I will actually finish it.

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