Thursday, 3 June 2010

The story(s) thus far.. and then some..

Despite a 5 hour work day that turned, with comparative ease into an 8
hour day I made it home early enough to give me time to burn some
dinner, and make it onto a train going west. GO WEST !!!

Off to Beaconland for the evening. I hadn't been to one of the sketch
show nights for quite some time, and with this one including some
discussion about submissions for stories to be used in the next two
seasons of The Adventures Of Stephen Brown, it was certainly worth
making the extra effort. I was not disappointed.

Some really well developed stories under discussion. So with a great
idea about what's happening in the year(s) to come, and story
assignments handed out it's time to get down to do details.

I've come away with two scripts to complete, and I'm driven by some of
the responses by Neil & Chris, who are script editing the new seasons.
My two are in next year's season, and with them needed in some time
before September, gives me plenty of time to thrash them out, write
them, rewrite them....

It's strange, but whenever I go over to Beacon-Central (Locks-Heath) I
get this very homely feeling about it. It's just nicer, less built up
than the city, and well, quiet. Well it is until we get there.

Oh if it wasn't for the distance from my daughter, the transport
problems  get to work, oh and the cost, I'd probably move there. I may
have fed my inner workaholic today, but I do feel great that I got so
much done. I also feel great that work wasn't the only thing I did
today. This is so often the case. Funny how doing more leaves me feeling
that I have more energy, more fulfilled. The only way to feel great
about achieving things is to, well, achieve them. The only way to do
that is to get off your backside and put the time and effort in.

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