Monday, 2 September 2013

(sober) reflection

Monday. September 2nd. 2013.  13:32

It's been a funny old morning, in a chaotic sort of sense. Of course this wasn't entirely unexpected. It's Monday after all.

Never ceases to amaze me how much people must store up how pissed off they are with things over the weekend to wait to call us on a Monday morning. It's that swamp, that surge of people calling that ends up leading to longer waiting times, and therefore even more pissed off people.

I was thinking last night, that perhaps my melancholic bleating of heart Friday night was part alcohol lead, part delirium. It takes some getting used to, to realise how old I am (or much older) than a lot of the people that I work with.

Without sounding patronising, it's worth me pausing to recall just how dramatic everything was for me back at that age, and how short of life skills or knowledge of how to speak to people I was.

There were many occasions of upset, of broken heart (mine) or just plain misunderstanding. But me, and the people around or directly involved all got through it.

That's life. You have to find a way to deal with shit, in your own way. To navigate a path through it all. It's not how you deal with things when they're brilliant that defines character, it's how you deal with things when they go wrong that does.

As much as it's possible to really admire someone for a number of reasons, lets not kid ourselves that it could lead to anything more.

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