Sunday, 25 September 2011

my blog is boring

Another one of those lazy weekends. Even more pointless because I didn't see Chloe this weekend, as she's in France with the school. I had meant to get some cleaning, and some creativity done.

Not cleaning creativity, these are two different subjects.

What is it about me not being motivated to do anything outside of work these days ? I haven't been bothered to put the energy into sorting out the direction to take for 'Made In Pompey'. I'm just not getting any enjoyment out of things, but that's mainly because I'm not actually doing anything to enjoy. What a stupid thing to expect reward without effort.

I have however, been blogging more. But what is it that I'm blogging about, if I'm not actually doing anything worth commenting on ? That's gotta be really boring to read.


After all, my blog is so boring, that I don't even get any angry comments. There are plenty of 'haters' on the internet (people that no matter what will say something horrible about anything that's uploaded). If I'm not provoking even hatred in people, what am I good for ?

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