Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'm Dan the digger....

Fancy a spot of digging ? My day off lie in didn't get interrupted by the workmen from the site digging up the Taylor Wimpey sales office car park. Their turning it into the park area that it's meant to be. Which is rather nice. I hadn't expected them to be doing this until the site was much nearer to being completed.

I'm sure it'll be really nice, maybe I'll get to sit out there in the 2012 summer sun, nice cold drink, laptop, and all in reach of my wifi signal.

Chloe goes on her school trip to France at the end of the week. It seems quite a frightening prospect, but I have to catch myself and realise it's not like she is camping on the side of a mountain somewhere with her friends, she's going with the school.

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