Thursday, 5 May 2011

workaholic ?

Today was meant to be my day off work.

Like the conscientious person that I am, I figured that I could go in, and spend a couple of hours completing some end of work admin that needed doing. Every month this situation comes up, every month I chastise myself for not getting things done sooner.

I do this not because it is asked or even expected of me (in fact my boss told me I didn't have to do that and that I shouldn't have come in) but because I would rather know that it's all done and out of the way, than have to struggle over the next few days to complete the tasks needed and all the stress and hassle that involves.

Job done. I can rest easy. (well, I would if I wasn't up at such a stupid hour writing a blog entry).

This evening's drama session went exceedingly well too. Although the clock is ticking and time is certainly not our friend, it did become apparent tonight that we are way past he mid point of blocking out the scenes, and are indeed making lots of progress. This can only be helped in a week or two when Andy becomes available to play Melton. 

I would like to blog on a bit more, but I am rather tired, and have work early in the morning, so if you don't mind, I am going to close off this entry and get some well earned rest. Night to you all.

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