Monday, 2 May 2011

Script Frenzy - FAIL

... now we are into the fifth month of 2011. Year is racing past at speed, is it not ? All those hours, minutes and seconds, gone. Spent, or wasted ? Never can be sure.

Well and truly failed to complete this years script frenzy. I still must finish the script though. If its worth doing, its, er... worth completing. Can't stand the idea that it will just sit in a draw (digitally of course) and never see the light of day again. Perhaps I should think about ways to make it myself. Certainly wouldn't take a lot to bring it to life.

I have actually completed something else though, that being the review of The Kaos Absolute story for The Adventures Of Stephen Brown. I had been asked to contribute an 800 word review, but ended up writing 1600. Hopefully that's not going to be a problem.

So, May 1st, and I haven't entered any writing competitions, or sent anything I have written off to anyone. Seem to remember being here before. Am I going to end the year with a different result, or will it be same old, same old ? Hmmm. Only way to get things done, is to do them.

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