Sunday, 3 April 2011

wooooosh ! And the weekend is gone !

With much of a plan to spend most of Saturday with Helen rewriting the show, and really looking forward to spending an evening with Becky the very same night I had hoped that the weekend would bring that ever illusive balance of focus, work, creativity AND plain old fun.

Sadly the reality was not quite the same. I am, as I type this a little worse the wear for a lovely roast dinner at my Mum's punctuated with some red wine and some port.

Helen turned up late, after some issues that she needed to deal with at home, this meant that we didn't get anywhere near as much done as we wanted to. It would be short changing to say that we didn't make progress, we made considerable progress. It's just that we had hoped to finish the much needed rewrite of ACT I and then a quick tweak of Act II, so that we could read through the whole of the show on Monday. This now will not happen, although we have got nearly half the first act rewritten. Oh dear. I'm beginning to feel the pressure of not only the show's performance date, but also Script Frenzy.

Think positive ! 6 pages is hardly an unrecoverable score at three days in.

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