Thursday, 7 April 2011

...and so the hard work begins

.. I woke up this morning with a start. Brimming with energy and a desire to accomplish my goals.

Waking up at 7am on my day off is pretty much a goal in itself. Considering how late I'd gotten to be the previous night I was amazed that I had risen at that time at all. I hadn't set an alarm to do so, but the sounds of the gorgeous day that was unfolding outside my window lured me out of my bed and off to the kitchen. There was coffee involved at this point.

In a continued fit of application, I then started cleaning the kitchen, once this was done, I moved on to the living room, the hallway, my bedroom, the stairs, Chloe's room..... you get the picture ? I cleaned the flat, from the peak of its top most top, to the bottom of its lowest most bottomest place. Always love the satisfied feeling when the cleaning is done. Never seems to stay in that immaculate, show home image for very long though. Helen came round, that soon put a stop to that.

We finally got finished the work we needed to do on the play, have had a read thru tonight, which was intended to be a full read, but as we'd arrived 20 minutes late due to issues with my printer, or precisley, issues with me working hard to stop the printer being hurled out of the window.

The script was well received. The stress and hassle of completing the task of editing the script and printing it before the read tonight was rather pressing at times, I have called my printer, this evening all the names under the sun. Such outbursts may not have made any difference to the output of the printer, but certainly made me feel better.

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