Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Are Women Better (Drivers) Than Men ?

Shock of horrors, and utter absence of common sense has occurred at the hands of those dastardly European equality laws.

Apparently it will be illegal from the end of the year for insurance companies to charge different rates for customers Dependant on their sex. On the face of it, 'great news'. Everyone's the same, aren't they ? Well the statistics show that men are more likely to have accidents than women (despite all those derisive jokes that men make about women drivers, they are actually better at it). For example, the average cost of an accident to an 18 year old driver is about twice as much for a male as it is for a female (£4,400 & £2,700 respectively).

That's because young men, as a rule, behave on the road in a similar way to how they behave elsewhere. Like d@*ks.

Feminism seems to have scored a massive own goal with this one.

There's a line from a book that I once read, (and there are no prizes for guessing which book).... There's nothing more unfair than the equal treatment of unequals.

We are all equal, but we are all different. Surely when it comes to insurance you are not discriminating against people if you are passing on to them the associated increased cost of insuring them ?

If it's going to be illegal to charge women less for their insurance, because they are on the whole more careful drivers, does this mean that insurance premiums for men will come down ? Or does it mean that all the insurance companies will do is increase women's insurance to the same level as men's ? I know, I know it's vastly cynical of me.

This does seem to be a complete failure of common sense. The only comforting thought that I have is that  I don't drive so none of this effects me whatsoever.

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